Data sheet


Wieland-SB8 is a heavy-duty special brass with good heat resistance, wear resistant. Hardened shafts are necessary for high loads. Sockets for stiffening the piston eye/hub bore in aluminium pistons but also for supporting the piston pin in
Steel pistons for medium to high loads (diesel engines). Bushings for connecting rods and other engine applications.

Composition (standard values)

Cu     68 %
Si       1 %
Pb     0.3 %
Zn     balance *)

*)with extreme purity to S and Se

Material designation

Wieland               SB8
DIN/ISO/EN       4382-2 : 1991

Max. load

Suitable for Pivot bearings up to 150 MPa.

Types available

Bushings turned

Corrosion resistance

Excellent Corrosion resistance in the engine oil. No material damage in the oil test at 180 °C for 100 hours.

Physical properties (standard values)

Mechanical properties (standard values)

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