Slide bearings


With over 150 active alloys we offer you a great range of materials - find the right solutions for your application.


Besides lead-free alloys we offer specified solutions for niche applications such as aviation or the food industry.

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Alloy composition lead-free Applications
Caro-Dur CuNi2Si       ✓ Highly resilient material with very good heat resistance and
thermal conductivity for valve guides, die-casting pistons,...
Caro-Bronze (Wieland-B12) CuSn8P       ✓ High purity ensures maximum load-bearing capacity.
Alloy composition and manufacturing process result in
excellent sliding properties
Wieland-B09 CuSn8       ✓ Heavy-duty bronze with very good high-temperature
strength, good corrosion resistance, highly wear-resistant.
Wieland-B27 CuSn8NiP       ✓ Extremely high load bearing material with good
heat resistance and good sliding properties for highly
loaded  applications, e.g. for connecting rod bushings
Wieland-G07 CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C-GC       × Medium-hard bearing material with good sliding and
emergency running properties
Wieland-G12 CuSn12-C-GC       × Tough and hard bearing material with good sliding
properties and good wear resistance
Wieland-G14 CuSn14-C-GC       × Higher load capacity than G12
Wieland-G21 CuSn10Pb10-C-GC       × Higher load capacity than G22 with still high emergency
running properties
Wieland-G22 CuSn10Pb10-C-GC       × Soft material with very good emergency running properties;
for pumps, compressors, presses
Wieland-G66 CuNi6Sn6       ✓ Material for very high loads, mainly used
in mechanical engineering, e.g., toggle lever bushings
Wieland-GA9 CuSn5Pb20-C-GC       × Very soft material with ideal emergency running properties.
Use in case of insufficient lubrication. Well suited for water
Wieland-L67 CuNi6Sn6       ✓ Very wear-resistant material with very good
temperature resistance, very high mech. load capacity for
connecting rod bushings in motorcycles, cars, trucks
Wieland-L66 CuNi6Sn6       ✓ Very wear-resistant material with very good
temperature resistance, very high mech. load capacity for
rolled bushings (e.g. connecting rod bushings)
Wieland-SA5 CuZn34Mn3Si1Pb1       × Special brass in which hard manganese silicides provide
high wear resistance
Wieland-SA9 CuZn34Mn3Si1Pb       × More ductile than Wieland-SA5 and thus better for
extreme alternating loads
Wieland-SB7 CuZn37Mn2Ni2Pb1Si1       × Specially developed for free-running sliding shoes
Wieland-SB8 CuZn31Si1       × Heavy duty special brass with high temperature strength,
wear resistant
Wieland-SC5 CuZn25Al5Ni4Fe3       ✓ High strength special brass, kneading material
Wieland-S31 CuZn31Si1       × Heavy-duty special brass with good heat resistance,
good corrosion resistance, wear resistant
Wieland-S37 CuZn37Al1       × Similar structure as Wieland-S40,
but not as highly loadable
Wieland-S40 CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi       × Very high loadable special brass with good
corrosion resistance and good sliding friction coefficient
Wieland-SX1 CuZn31Mn2Al1Si1NiFe       ✓ Material with good thermal conductivity and heat resistance,
good sliding properties, extremely high wear resistance
for valve guides, turbocharger bushings,...
Wieland-U17 CuAl10Ni5Fe4       ✓ Buhings for bearing the piston pin in very highly loaded
Wieland-U18 CuAl10Fe       ✓ Alloy has high strength and very good wear properties, used for static and dynamic high loaded applications. The material is Nickel-free and is approved for use in food industry.
Wieland-U36 CuAl11Fe6Ni6       ✓ Bushings for the bearing of the connecting rod and piston
pin in very heavily loaded areas

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