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CARO®BULL plunger tip system

Optimizes the standard die casting

  • Designed for flexible use on any DCM
  • Suitable for standard and vacuum products (flexible ring system)


  • Easy changeover from solid tip to system plunger tip system
  • Vacuum: Flexible change of glide bushing to circlips for vacuum application
  • Can be fitted on existing plunger rods
  • Proven ring system
    • Closed pressure ring (prevents honing, no contact to shotsleeve)
    • Soft Slide bushing in contact to shotsleeve
  • Ring (spare parts) change in a few simple steps directly at the DGM
  • Plunger tip change in a few steps due to bayonet lock (patented)

Product brochure CARO®BULL & CARO®BULL-V



  • Service center for plunger tip reworking and assembling
  • Advisory service, process development and designing
  • Comprehensive stock
Die casting products
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