Die casting products
Die casting products

CARO®TEC plunger tip system

Optimizes your standard pressure die casting on conventional die casting machines

  • Low wear plunger tip concept
  • Very long service lifetime
  • Selectable cooling capacity to optimize cycle times


  • Much longer lifetime compared to conventional plunger tips
  • Body, clamping nut, threaded connection can be used several times
  • Wear parts can be reworked to a smaller diameter
  • With environmentally friendly beryllium and cobalt-free slide bushings
  • Optimized tempering by forced cooling
  • The modular construction system ensures flexibility even for casting intermediate sizes
  • Reduced set-up costs and downtime due to longer service life of the plunger tips

Product brochure CARO®TEC


  • Service center for plunger tip reworking and assembling
  • Advisory service, process development and designing
  • Comprehensive stock
Die casting products
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